Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Favorite

FALL - - - - - - HALLOWEEN- - - - - - FALL
Is my absolute Favorite time of the year!
When the first sign of Fall begins to show as the leaves begin to turn from the bright vibrant Green to Yellow, Red, Orange. I just love it and as the weather gets colder and and the wind blows the trees loose more of their leaves and then the crunching of the dry leaves and the smell of Autumn is at full peak.
But, that only reminds me that Halloween is also near, I love to dress up and act a part of someone that I am not. I remember when we first moved into our house we had a Halloween Party and it was a blast, I remember Halloween as a child where we would dress up and no one would know who we were until we reveled ourselves, the games the spooky stories just fun.
This year will be a little different we will be going to a Halloween Party, maybe one of the biggest party of them all. Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party. That is right right in Orlando, Florida. I could not think of wanting to spend it anywhere else or at least right now. We will be leaving in less than a week and I'm so excited to be making more memories with Family and Best Friends.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Finally OUT :(

It has happened the tooth that I blogged about just about 1 month ago is out and in safe keeping under the pillow of My sleeping little girl. I noticed that it was a bit loose and dark in color which meant that it was dead, heck it should be it's been holding on for a month now. Well after convincing her to wiggle it back and forth and then well the moment it hurt that was all she could bear. We got home after a long night of dance and up to brush the teeth half asleep I must say she slept through a quick stop at the Creedons she would had not been happy if she knew that Max and Jacob did look for her but when I said she was asleep Jacob was fine with that and Max I think was still waiting for her to appear. Anyway we got home and I "HELPED" her brush her teeth, it did bleed a lot so that told me it was ready it was really just hanging their. So I did what I had to do I told her it was bleeding and that I need to put the tissue on it and as I did I applied a pulling pressure and out it came that easy, so easy she had no idea. So I distracted her from the mirror told her to rinse her mouth and she looked in the mirror and the look on her face was priceless. She was so excited. But I was a little sad she growing up too fast. Well at least she won't have a half dead tooth hanging out of her mouth for 1st grade pictures, See their is a bright side.

I will play the tooth fairy tonight. . . .

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall Brings another School Year

It's Back to school for Amber 1st grade. . . . WOW already I can't believe it. Things are a little different this year she is in a Multi-Age class room, a new project for the SAD 57 district. She is with a mix of children grades 1st and 2ND. I talked and got many peoples insight and got there either experience with the program. I even did do my research. Yes I think if your gonna introduce your child into a non typical environment then you do need to do the research, so i did and everything I saw was positive and I'm sure their is negative stuff out their as well. I as a parent had to do what I thought would be the best for my daughter. Well day one of school she was up bright eyed and bushy tailed and I recall that I always was excited for the first day of school, seeing my friends again meeting the teacher and finding out who was going to be in my class. She looked so cute and before I knew it off she went. That night we would make it her special first day of school night she chose the supper she wanted and played a fun game of what you did special at school.

Day 2 was a little harder to crawl out of bed but she did the fight about clothing began but soon ended with "you don't have a choice" anyway another day marked off the calendar and now it's Friday and the clothing thing started again but once again she did not win the battle I did, We choose the clothing the night before not sure what clothing fairy visits her in her dreams to make her try and change her mind but I wish the fairy would find a new home to visit.

Well she was once again off to school, I'm sure she will bring home with her more paperwork, but that is fine with me.

She is super excited to have her friend Brielle in her class and her friend Sarah is in the other multi age class room(better that way) I hope that these friends are ones that she will have a lifetime, It's funny the friends that come and go in your life and then the friends you know you will have forever.

I met my best Friend in preschool and you know even though we went through different stages in our lives we never drifted far apart heck not even miles. I hope that Amber will development and make best friends that will be with her forever.

So it's another YEAR of learning and building lifelong memories. Some days I think to be young again even though I would not change my life or anyone in it for an instant.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a Way to end Summer

It was off to the State Park at Sebago once again, I could not think of a better way to send Summer on it's way. Site 222 was were we called home for the long Labor Day weekend and a nice spot it was. As we set up camp and set a fire a blaze I sat back and thought about the good Summer that we had. We did not do too much outside but when you have the raining Summer that we did, doing things inside ain't that bad either, We always found something to do, invite ourselves to our friends house for a last minute BBQ or sit around and chat just as good.

The weekend was full of GOOD food cooked by the one and only Camp Cook Matt and yeah he can make a mean grilled english muffin watch out McDonalds. We soaked up the well deserved sun on the hot sands of the beach and well caused a little trouble but hey you know, if you would had kept your trap shut it would not had been a big deal. Long story but we will blame the grand father. We figured we would run the boat for the last time this Summer well run idle was all that it really did, BAD GAS. Oh well Amber had a great time jumping off it and when the Creedon's arrived for a visit on Saturday Jacob loved jumping off the boat as well, Matt did promice him that we would take one last ride before ice coved the lakes.

It is always nice to settle in to camp with a nice warm fire Paul great work as the firestarter, we will have to give you camp name as Paul the Great Camp Fire Starter. Smores never tasted better, but i never got that red hot dog over the open fire Oh well thier is always next year, or maybe an early fall camping adventure is in the talks.It was a great weekend in the sunshine, laughs, fun and memories. Looking forward to the next season.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Where has Time Gone.

Well My Little Girl is growing up right before my eyes, She is a big 6 year old, going into 1st grade. She was so excited and counted down the days to her big day for at least a week before. She asked me if I was working on her Birthday I think she thought it was a major Holiday (I guess to her it may seem like that) not so as you get older but that is fine with me.
I found myself days before her birthday flipping through pictures and recalling her birth 1st, 2nd , 3rd, 4th, 5th birthdays. Remembering my whole labor experience and It's so weird how you can re-live it over and over again.Wow has time flown by she continues to change each day and I see qualities in her that I hope she has far into her adulthood. She has such an expressive sole, I like to use that term better than calling her a drama queen she is so animated and I think girl lets get you into those acting classes, can't push that now after the recital disaster this year. Anyway she has a big heart she always wants to draw pictures for her friends and mail them, or she will see something in the store and think of someone who would like that.
For her Birthday she wanted to go to Friendly's (only after my coaxing) so we invited out Best Friends whom I like to refer to as the Creedon Clan. This would had been really Jacob's first restaurant experience around food that is Illegal. Well Amber was so nice at knowing what she should not have because she knew that he could not have it, She was cool with it and was more than happy to oblige to it. The waitress was numb and brought French fries and Jacob did spy a peak but they quickly disappeared and he was fine. When we went to Build a Bear she told the lady stuffing her bear that it was her birthday and that she went to Friendly's well she asked if she has ice cream and Amber told her " we did not because my friend Jacob is Allergic" the lady told her that she was a great friend for doing that for him. She smiled and I know that made her feel good, another lesson that I want Amber to have is to be giving of herself and I think she is on her way their. It was a great way to spend a birthday as a family and with our best friends whom I know that Amber can learn a lot of these lessons from. Happy Birthday to my Honey Bear, My Love, My Princess, My Drama Queen, My Dancer, Miss Dramatic and My Daughter, I love you more each day, you are the light in my life and add soo much to my life each day as I wake you or watch you sleep. Happy 6th Birthday Amber Lee

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Remember the Ones Who Count

Life is too short to wake up with regre ts. So love the people who treat you right.. Forget about the one's who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you might not get them back. Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives and problems that we may not even notice that we've let them fly away. Sometimes we are so caught up in who's right and who's wrong that we forget what's right and wrong. Sometimes we just don't realize what real friendship means until it is too late. I don't want to let that happen so I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rain Rain Go AWAY

Another Rainy Summer Day in Maine, Come on now what else would you expect, it's Maine where the weather changes in an instant, I have given up on listening to the meteorologist talk about a great day to be expected or chance of showers or well you get the picture and you know they are usually WRONG. That's OK we can all be wrong once or twice. Anyway I'm just a little sick of the rain. But you know we would complain if it was too HOT or too COLD or too WET or too much SNOW. We are just never happy. For me it's just how everything feels Damp and wet even though your inside. The fact that I have a boat sitting in my yard but can't go out on the Lake because our luck we would get thunder and lightning storm. Well I guess I might was well sit in the boat in the drive way and watch as the rain runs down my drive way washing it out while it runs onto the road and pretend I'm on the Lake. (maybe I could get up on skis then) Oh the poor dog I ponder each morning to the thought of do I leave him out for the day or do I keep him in the house, I think that he has been in every rainstorm this year. Oh well one less bath I have to give him.My daughter is bored nothing to do, next time she may as well play in the rain. What is it that attracts kids to Rain or Puddles but hate to have to take a bath but would rather play in a muddy hole filled with water, I'm stunned. I'm sure that when I was a kid I did the same thing. Well if we have to have rain then we may as well enjoy that we are here on earth to enjoy what ever weather mother natures tosses our way and next time your in the rain, take the time to dance in it, splash in a puddle or enjoy it because it's just one of those things in life RAIN.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh no It's LOOSE

Well it's official a LOOSE TOOTH, yes Amber as of yesterday has a loose tooth, we were having diner with the Creedon Clan and she bit into her locally grown fresh corn on the cob and "OUCH and some tears to only discover a LOOSE TOOTH, Matt wiggled it and I wiggled it and then we all started to shout and cheer yoour FIRST loose tooth, Well the look on her face was pure FEAR. She started to cry and I think she was just scared and then well it began from thier DRAMA, yes she is the real thing a real live DRAMA QUEEN. . . . Well it was from that point on that everything hurt it, she did not want to eat anymore and of course all the attention that she was getting was helping to make the matter worse, but you know, it was a sad moment Matt summed it up when he said we are getting OLD (well maybe he is I'm still only 32) but I knew what he meant our little girl was growing up and changing before our very eyes. Well she soon forgot well sorta and the night went on, Jessica told her that about in one week it should fall out well that was after she told her that you may have to tug on it hard to get it out, or the fact that she suggested to take floss and tie it around it and pull it out for her, THANKS. . . She should know already what a drama queen she already is. Well stay tuned for an update as the LOOSE TOOTH details come. . . . .

Friday, July 18, 2008

It makes you feel good. . . . .

Well I thought that i would talk about what has made me feel good or at least last night. OK you dirty minds, get out of the gutter. No really Amber was staying with the grandparents last night Matt was at a Dart meeting yeah I know Darts not trying to save the world or anything but that meant that I was home all by myself, Yes ALL BY MYSELF! ! ! ! God was that weird I mean the dogs were running amok in the yard, but other than that alone from any human contact. Well I decided to be one with nature and enjoy the nice cool night that had settled in at my house and so I wondered around outside and gathered some bottles that were just outside from a random soda drinker. I counted all my bottles 492 to be exact wow you know desperate times call for desperate measures, anyway,(I guess I was bored) I called Jess and as I listened to her tell Paul to use this screw driver or the power one to install the house hanger I decided to get out the pressure washer.Mother Nature has put green stuff on my home I don't like to call it mold. . . . just Mother Natures DUST yeah that sounds better, well that was great therapy, take a hose and washing down the house at high power GREAT THERAPY, It was so convincing the kind of fun I was having that Jessica is going to borrow it, I think she may have DUST on her house as well or maybe she needs some nice mental therapy, not sure why the thrill of water skirting out at huge force that you can take paint off wood or injure yourself or maybe just that it makes CLEANING FUN hey it mad me want to do so give it a go. I think that I will drag it inside next time. So if you are in need of a feel good adventure give pressure washing a try. So that was my feel good last night, maybe it was that I accomplished something a clean house well at least on the outside.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

How Fast. . . .

How fast does life go by. . . . I thought of that today as I walked into Amber's room to wake her for Summer Camp and I looked at her streached out in her bed, her long leggs streached out and her arms cuddled under her pillow, I stopped and watched her sleep and thought "You are growing up way to FAST" God how does time pass right by she has gotton taller I swear and you know she seems to be just too big for her britches. The things that come out of her mouth and how much she learns still just by watching the people around, her. I had to laugh this past weekend we helped with the Circle of Giving booth at the Old Home Days in Waterboro and Linda told her that if she could dunk her mom on the dunk tank then she could pick out a fleece blanket (one from the pile that she was selling) well that little girl was bound and determined that she going to dunk her mom, she picked up that ball eyes eager on the target she streached her arm back and in I went, Not once but twice she got me in, Well her eyes were on the prize and out of maybe 50 or so blankets from ballerina's to Hannah Montana, horses, girly colors she picks a blanket with monkies. Funny that is the DWS mascot, she was so happy and she said now mom I have a monkey too and now we can share this. She had more than just a prize in mind she had a plan, the mind of a child is truly amazing. She sleeps with that dam fleece blanket each night since she has gotton it and it could be 90 upstairs but she insists and before I go to bed I have to take it off her. It's just amazing to watch her everyday, just wanted to share.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My trigger thoughts for today

You know I have spent a good deal of reading quite a few blogs of those near and dear to me and you know, it's amazing how powerful a word can be or in this case a blog, truly amazing. It's just the little things in life that make you smile or set off a spark as you remember a moment in your life that made a huge impact. When I hear someone speak of their brother or I see a cemetery or an accident or even see a young man in uniform I stop and remember my brother Chris, his life was taken away from him at the young age of 19, so much more to live for and so much to prove. But it's seeing those triggers for me that take me back to the days that we swam together in Bonny Eagle Pond, going out to Ice cream at Shaw's Ridge Road (funny I work right around the corner from there now) gathering lightning bugs and you know just having a big brother that you knew would watch out for you, I often sit and read the two letters that he sent me when he was in boot camp. That was a huge part of my teenage years, too soon to experience death and loss, but lessons were learned and remembered. My days of being education and all the children whom came in eager each morning to learn or play and those other children who clung tight to their parents legs begging them not to go and convincing them that today was going to be a fun day, It's amazing to think about all the families that I worked with and you know I saw and old daycare child that I cared for at my first job right out of college and God did I feel old, he is now in High School and WOW was all that I could say, would those children whom I looked forward to seeing each day remember me or what about the families that came to me for advice, would they remember the time and effort that was given to their child on a daily basis. I have now moved on from that stage in my life to caring for others children, Burn out I guess you can say, or wanting to put the effort into my child's life, plus I found out what really makes people (mean people) tick and what they are willing to do to get what they want, I'm glad that I'm no more apart of that.
These are just a couple of thoughts that I had today that triggered me to blog after reading some others. I'm just very grateful for what I have and whom I have in my life my family who make me feel good about myself and what I am today, I cant forget about my friends I may not have many, they are a few and far between but it's a whole lot more cosy that way.
I think that the things that get thrown our way in life are put their to make us better people and the experiences that we had when we were young and the lessons that we face today are just more of us becoming who we really are. . . . . . . .

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An Outdoor Adventure

I often sit and think about Why I love Maine and Why I would not want to call any other place Home. After the weekend of July 4th I now know why. . . . . . . . . . we love the great outdoor of beautiful Maine. I like to call us avid campers, we have a 26 foot camper (an old one) but we still decide to pitch a tent and enjoy the Great Maine Outdoors. We pitched our tent for the long weekend at Beautiful Sebago Lake State Park site 40. I must say a nice spot. We were glad to have the Creedon Family join us for a great weekend of Fun and plenty of sun. If we were not at the beach we were cruising the lake in "BUCK" the boat. The water temperature was perfect and refreshing at the same time. Amber finally got her nerve up to go on the tube and after some tears and yelling to dad"don't go too fast" a smile did appear and she did have a fun time, Jacob also tried out his tubing skills and no tears as he was fearless riding the waves in the tube, giving thumbs up to mom and telling me "we did it" he never stopped smiling. (Thanks Jessica for letting me take him on his First tube ride) Nothing beats camping and the way that food just tastes better outside, Matt was in charge of providing nothing but healthy camp food to all of us and I must say that those smores really did hit the spot, I think their is quite a bit of roasting perfection competition that goes on between Jessica and Matt as they study the fire for the perfect coals to begin to brown and create the perfect marshmallow. I think our next camping adventure their will have to be a contest.

I would not had wanted to spend the 4th of July any other way, with Family and Best Friends.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

DWS Weekend

The bags were packed and the goods were on ice and the boat was all hooked up. Before long Jessica and I were on our way to Sebago Lake State Park. After locating site 223 we wasted no time in setting up camp, beginning with the massavie tarp I think that the reason that people stared was due to that tarp and how prepared us three girls were. Jen arrived and the tent was up in record time 15 minutes to be excat. The weekend was full of lots and lots of laughs and the weather did not dampen our spirts at all. I think that we learned a lot about each other, and became closer than just friends we realized that we were truly sisters after all. How the three of us can be mesmarzed by the laughter of each other, and the truley amzing talents that were displayed has a lot to say about who the three of us truley are. Though we may not be speedy on skis but god did we look GREAT trying and the tube well the smile on one persons face said it all just let me say not sure she wanted to get out of the tube. Thier is so much more to say and I'm sure this could turn into a 100 page book by the time that I'm done I will just leave this with a few quotes from the weeked, "BUCK" "FIRE" "YOU LIKE THAT" "CAT" "LEACHES" "WANNA PLAY A GAME" "TALENT NIGHT" "PEANUT BUTTER CUP PAPER" "WORK IT<>

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An adventure in Blogging

OK, I was talked into doing this in a round about way. (God I'm so easy) I love to write and enjoyed having a diary all through my teen years, so I figured how could this be any different(only that this won't be as much of a secret) but secrets don't make friends. I've named my blog Life's Adventures and Lessons according to Crystal, why did I pick that, Well I like to think that I'm always right (or that is what my husband tells me) I get that from my dad but you know each day is a journey with many a lesson to learn, so I figured I would start with that.
I would have to say that I have learned so much in my life, Trust, Love, Life and Death and just being who I am.
I think that just being who I am has been the hardest for me, I was just recently asked "Why did I always pick the friends that I did". Well I pondered that question for quite sometime and you know I think that I always tried to change who I was so that people would like me for that person and you know. . . . it did not work,they never like the real me just who they wanted me to become. I have finally found out who my true friends were I don't need to mention any names because they know who they are. I may not have tons of people lined up at my door waiting to hang out but I don't need to. The important part is that they love me for who I am and you know what. . . . I did not even have to change. . . A hard lesson learned, with many mistakes made along the way and lots of sacrifices to have to give up but guess what I'm having a great time and that is all that matters right now.