Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall Brings another School Year

It's Back to school for Amber 1st grade. . . . WOW already I can't believe it. Things are a little different this year she is in a Multi-Age class room, a new project for the SAD 57 district. She is with a mix of children grades 1st and 2ND. I talked and got many peoples insight and got there either experience with the program. I even did do my research. Yes I think if your gonna introduce your child into a non typical environment then you do need to do the research, so i did and everything I saw was positive and I'm sure their is negative stuff out their as well. I as a parent had to do what I thought would be the best for my daughter. Well day one of school she was up bright eyed and bushy tailed and I recall that I always was excited for the first day of school, seeing my friends again meeting the teacher and finding out who was going to be in my class. She looked so cute and before I knew it off she went. That night we would make it her special first day of school night she chose the supper she wanted and played a fun game of what you did special at school.

Day 2 was a little harder to crawl out of bed but she did the fight about clothing began but soon ended with "you don't have a choice" anyway another day marked off the calendar and now it's Friday and the clothing thing started again but once again she did not win the battle I did, We choose the clothing the night before not sure what clothing fairy visits her in her dreams to make her try and change her mind but I wish the fairy would find a new home to visit.

Well she was once again off to school, I'm sure she will bring home with her more paperwork, but that is fine with me.

She is super excited to have her friend Brielle in her class and her friend Sarah is in the other multi age class room(better that way) I hope that these friends are ones that she will have a lifetime, It's funny the friends that come and go in your life and then the friends you know you will have forever.

I met my best Friend in preschool and you know even though we went through different stages in our lives we never drifted far apart heck not even miles. I hope that Amber will development and make best friends that will be with her forever.

So it's another YEAR of learning and building lifelong memories. Some days I think to be young again even though I would not change my life or anyone in it for an instant.

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