Thursday, July 3, 2008

DWS Weekend

The bags were packed and the goods were on ice and the boat was all hooked up. Before long Jessica and I were on our way to Sebago Lake State Park. After locating site 223 we wasted no time in setting up camp, beginning with the massavie tarp I think that the reason that people stared was due to that tarp and how prepared us three girls were. Jen arrived and the tent was up in record time 15 minutes to be excat. The weekend was full of lots and lots of laughs and the weather did not dampen our spirts at all. I think that we learned a lot about each other, and became closer than just friends we realized that we were truly sisters after all. How the three of us can be mesmarzed by the laughter of each other, and the truley amzing talents that were displayed has a lot to say about who the three of us truley are. Though we may not be speedy on skis but god did we look GREAT trying and the tube well the smile on one persons face said it all just let me say not sure she wanted to get out of the tube. Thier is so much more to say and I'm sure this could turn into a 100 page book by the time that I'm done I will just leave this with a few quotes from the weeked, "BUCK" "FIRE" "YOU LIKE THAT" "CAT" "LEACHES" "WANNA PLAY A GAME" "TALENT NIGHT" "PEANUT BUTTER CUP PAPER" "WORK IT<>

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Jessica said...

I am not sure if I want to laugh at the memories that you reminded me of or cry that our awesome weekend is over......Love you!