Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well on our way!

Well my mom and dad said that they would buy the bedding for Lauren's room so off to NH they went last week to get the Willow Deer set I saw this and fell in love with it. Well that night we went over to see it and I just could not do it, it was too dark. The brown was a little overpowrering and that made it hard to look past even if we were to add pink to it. So that weekend we took a rode trip all of us. We had not done that in quite sometime but anyway, we ended up picking out a set by Carters Garden Party it's called with Lilac, Light brown, sage and some pink. I love it has such a girly feel to it and I think with a Lilac room it will look awesome. I'm really happy with it. Now the next thing to do clean out the room and get it ready.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Active Little One

Well, Miss Lauren Elizabeth is an active little one, oh yes her name is out. Not a secret and so far I have heard no complaints and you know what too bad if they don't like it. Well Amber had a special part in her name picking she got to pick out her middle name. I picked out Lauren and Amber had a choice of either Elizabeth or Elaine. Well she did not have to think too hard and she choose Elizabeth. It does flow really nice together but it would had been nice to have her have my middle name but thats ok I wanted Amber to have a part too. So she is much more active then Amber ever was or maybe I notice it more because I have a desk job who knows. I have been trying to get Amber to feel her kick and she has a hard time waiting or Lauren like to tric her cause as soon as she kicks I put Ambers hand on my belly and then she stops when Amber takes her hand off she kicks again. So one of these days we will catch her in the act. Amber loves to talk to my belly to her and I know how excited she is to meet her.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My daughter is a big 7 year old

Wow where has the time gone, Amber is getting so grown up and as I look back at all her pictures and see that baby face still in her, I don't see it now. She is beginning to get out of her baby face stage and move onto young child. She has grown quite a bit with everything she has a loving personality and I love that she is always full of life. She make me laugh all the time even when she can be sassy. She loves to be foolish and act silly.
This years big party event was going to be a dance party at the dance studio with her friends from school it was sure to be a big hit. The girls loved the dancing and trying out the many diffrent types of dance that thier is. Amber was in heaven for she has quite the passion for dance.
She had a great party and made memories with her friends I'm sure to last a lifetime.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The day has arrived

Well after a week of not sleeping well and trying not to worry the big ultrasound is here, I prayed that God was on our side. Well the morning seemed to drag by and then when 12:00 noon hit I could not get there fast enough, Amber was excited to finally find out what she was going to have, I had pretty much convinced her that she should not be set on a girl because it could also be a boy, so I thought I had done well with that. At about 1:30 we met with the genetic counselor and she was very nice and explained about what they were looking for and then the choices that we would have to make, I felt better but I also did not rest assured quite yet the butterflies in my stomach were going nuts and no it was not the baby. Well after we met with her we had to go back to the wait room to wait for a sonogram room to open about 20 minutes later the moment had arrived, I tried to relax the best I could. Amber watched in amazement as she put the gel on my belly Amber loves that part. Well it was not long before that little on showed on the screen back to us so it would not be an easy task to get the measurements but she did well even if that meant that I had to lay on my side for almost the whole time, well we got to see her perfectly and everything looked great. So far she asked us if we wanted to know the sex so the moment of truth was not far, I was nervous about her position but when she found the bum our little one was spread eagle and then the words it's a GIRL came out of the techs. mouth I could not believe it, I could had sworn it was a boy, well tears rolled down my face as I looked and saw Amber smiling from ear to ear she would have a little sister and I would be blessed with two daughters, Amber wondered why I was crying but the build up of emotions was just letting loose, but I gained my composure and watched as I thought a little girl what a blessing. We then waited for the Dr. to review the pictures and then the genetic counselor came in to give us a thumbs up to tell us that our little girl looked perfect. Thank you lord for answering our prayers.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The results

On Thursday August 13th I got a call from Dr. Sansonetti with the last part of my NT quad screen results and I had a positive test come back for 1:110 chance of Downs Syndrome, he told me not to stress but how do I not do that, he changed my ultrasound to the 20th so that they could do a level 2 ultrasound and meet with the gentic counsler so, I had all I could do was to cry and I knew that I could not stress. But easier said then done, we will pray and keep our fingers crossed and hope for a healthy baby.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Amber meets the baby doctor

Well, today was my 16th week appointment and was Amber ever so excited to meet Dr. Sansonetti, well the wait today was long but after reading nearly all of the books in the waiting room it was our turn, she talked with the nurse about the baby and how she wanted a baby sisiter, then the nurse took my blood and of course Amber had questions about that as well. Well the moment of truth arrived and he introduced himself and she was so eager to know about all that he was talking about and all that he was about to do. Well he felt for the uterus and then the heartbeat, she stood behind him as was excited to hear the sound like a horse running, he made sure that she heard it before turning it off, then behind the table was a picture of a mother and the infant that she had just given birth too and then a little girl beside the bed, Dr. Sansonneti said to her that will be you when your new baby arrives it was so cute. We left the office and she so excited to meet him and said "He is such a nice Dr."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A camping interuption

Well after a week of almost straight rain we were glad to get a break from camping at the State Park. So on July 1st we went for an ultrasound for our first series of tests, so Amber would be able to see her little sister or brother for the first time. So their was our little one as happy as anything just a moving around she got the measurements needed and we walked away with pictures and only after Amber asked questions about how the baby eats and what it lives in, the person doing the ultrasound was great and answered Amber's questions. It's so very cool to have Amber there and show so much interest she is going to be a GREAT BIG SISTER!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally a date with the Doc.

Well I finally got to see Dr. Sansonetti today, wow he has not changed maybe aged a bit but I'm sure he thought the same with me, well we got to hear the babies heart and it was 133 so low but who knows, no need to spectulate at this point about what it could be, well it was still nice to see him, he so treats you like a person not just another apointment. I look forward to having him deliver this little one this time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ultrasound # 2 and then to see Dr. Robert

Well I had my 2nd dating ultrasound and this time Matt went with me I was so nervous and I only wanted them to see what they needed to and guess what they did excatly what they needed I was right on track but with a new due date of January 12th 2010. So no need to see Dr. Sansonetti now so I rescheduled that but at least I have a date and know where I am. Thank the lord for that.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Off to the OBGYN

Well, today was my first appointment and now a days they send you for an ultra sound to get your dating so off I went for that ultrasound and they did the internal ultrasound and we saw nothing, I was so upset I know that they have my dating wrong so I called the Dr. as soon as I got out ofthe office and went for blood work, well Dr. Sansonetti he called me that evening to say that my blood work looked great and that the dating must be off. So on the 14th I met with the nurse for the blood work and to get my welcome packaet, it all seems so sureal but I'm ready.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today is the day

Well, Amber woke up early and wished me a Happy Mother's Day. I had nerves in my stomach just thinking about what was going to go down today. Amber proudly wore her Big Sister shirt, our first stop was at the in-laws I did not expect a huge congratulations they are just not like that, well Amber showed off her shirt and they were surprised and did congratulate us, then the brother and sister in law came and it took Amber a little while to get the courage to show off her shirt and yet we did get a congratulations. Well then we traveled to my parents I knew this was gonna be good, they had no idea that we had even been trying. Well Amber was so eager to show off her shirt. My mom and dad were both in the kitchen and she said are you ready she was so excited that she struggled to get her coat unzipped but she managed and then My mother read it and her mouth dropped open and she said NO!!! She gave Amber a hug then ran to me and hugged me and then to Matt oh my god she cried and cried and cried and then went over to my dad and said that they were gonna have another one. She was shaking and so worked up about it, it was AWESOME. It was a great surprise that made the Perfect Mother's Day. We then went over to my Grammies were the aunts and uncles were and Amber showed the shirt off over their as well. Everyone was surprised it was Awesome. The shirt was a huge hit.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

See it almost slipped

Well we did some shopping then ended up meeting my parents for dinner at the bean supper and then, Amber said to my mom I have a new shirt I'm gonna wear tomorrow to show you, Oh thank god that my mother was not all on that day and said I bet you got it at the Christmas Tree Shop, Amber looked at me I hit her under the table and she said yes, then I whispered to her that is enough you have said enough. We made it through dinner and not sure why my parents did not question Amber about the big smirk on her face oh well tomorrow will be the big day.....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Today is the Big day BIG SISTER

Well, Jess had finished Ambers shirt so Matt got it for her on the way home we gave it to her and her look was priceless, Amber do you know what it means "Big Sister" she would say yeah do you know that means what "Mom is gonna have a baby". She was beaming and wanted to know when and if she could tell people but we had to make sure that she would not say a word and she promiced that she would not.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The neighbors know

Well, I'm a sucker you know when you just need to tell the world well I told the Abouds and Linda down the street but they promised that they would not say a word hope that I can trust them. This is the last week and then we can tell the family I can't wait. Jessica is doing a shirt for Amber with Big Sister on it that is how we will tell her then have her wear that to show and tell the rest of the family.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here comes the sleepiness

Oh my god I could not get to a pillow fast enough after we got home from dance class my god, it was unreal then I would sleep for a couple of hours and be OK. It's hard for me not to tell Amber I know how excited she is going to be, but she would surely spill the beans to someone then next thing everyone would know you know how that always works.

Friday, May 1, 2009

How to contain it

Well, Matt promised me that he would not say an thing to anyone, I knew that I would have to tell my boss with the upcoming doctors appointments and all. Well that morning at work it seemed like a long morning , I had told one of my coworkers and then told my boss he was excited so that made me feel good, before the end of the day everyone knew, but to keep it a secret from Amber and the rest of the family was going to be the hardest of all. But mother's day was only a week away I could do it I know that I could. It would be a great Mother's Day gift no matter how you looked at it.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My blog will take a twist for the GOOD!

On Thursday April 30th something inside me told me to just do it, and that just do it was to take a pregnancy test. We had been trying for awhile and you know with irregular cycles its a guessing game each time. Well I got home from work dug through the draws looking for the dollar tree pregnancy test and their it was I go right down to business and waited and waited I looked and it was negative once again heart broken for another month or was it.... I looked again about 30 seconds later and I saw it a line it was faint but clearly there, I jumped for joy my face beaming and not wanting Amber to hear me downstairs so I got a flashlight and sure enough it was their well, I turned to my best friend of 30 years called her and she instructed me to get to her house and get her two that she had, so I did and brought it with me (the test) she said their was no question about it... Oh my god I was beaming I could not wait for Matt to get home.... Well we have Chinese that night and the chicken I could not pull off to eat smelled funny, well I could not get Amber to be quick enough, we do not want her to know quite yet, Well I found another test in the closet and it was a digital one and I took that one it seemed like forever then YES appeared I put it inside of one of Amber's baby dolls and said to Matt look what your daughter did to her baby doll, as he opened the diaper the test fell out he was shocked, I could not stop jumping up and down, we are pregnant Oh my god. It was amazing.