Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Finally OUT :(

It has happened the tooth that I blogged about just about 1 month ago is out and in safe keeping under the pillow of My sleeping little girl. I noticed that it was a bit loose and dark in color which meant that it was dead, heck it should be it's been holding on for a month now. Well after convincing her to wiggle it back and forth and then well the moment it hurt that was all she could bear. We got home after a long night of dance and up to brush the teeth half asleep I must say she slept through a quick stop at the Creedons she would had not been happy if she knew that Max and Jacob did look for her but when I said she was asleep Jacob was fine with that and Max I think was still waiting for her to appear. Anyway we got home and I "HELPED" her brush her teeth, it did bleed a lot so that told me it was ready it was really just hanging their. So I did what I had to do I told her it was bleeding and that I need to put the tissue on it and as I did I applied a pulling pressure and out it came that easy, so easy she had no idea. So I distracted her from the mirror told her to rinse her mouth and she looked in the mirror and the look on her face was priceless. She was so excited. But I was a little sad she growing up too fast. Well at least she won't have a half dead tooth hanging out of her mouth for 1st grade pictures, See their is a bright side.

I will play the tooth fairy tonight. . . .

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