Friday, August 29, 2008

Where has Time Gone.

Well My Little Girl is growing up right before my eyes, She is a big 6 year old, going into 1st grade. She was so excited and counted down the days to her big day for at least a week before. She asked me if I was working on her Birthday I think she thought it was a major Holiday (I guess to her it may seem like that) not so as you get older but that is fine with me.
I found myself days before her birthday flipping through pictures and recalling her birth 1st, 2nd , 3rd, 4th, 5th birthdays. Remembering my whole labor experience and It's so weird how you can re-live it over and over again.Wow has time flown by she continues to change each day and I see qualities in her that I hope she has far into her adulthood. She has such an expressive sole, I like to use that term better than calling her a drama queen she is so animated and I think girl lets get you into those acting classes, can't push that now after the recital disaster this year. Anyway she has a big heart she always wants to draw pictures for her friends and mail them, or she will see something in the store and think of someone who would like that.
For her Birthday she wanted to go to Friendly's (only after my coaxing) so we invited out Best Friends whom I like to refer to as the Creedon Clan. This would had been really Jacob's first restaurant experience around food that is Illegal. Well Amber was so nice at knowing what she should not have because she knew that he could not have it, She was cool with it and was more than happy to oblige to it. The waitress was numb and brought French fries and Jacob did spy a peak but they quickly disappeared and he was fine. When we went to Build a Bear she told the lady stuffing her bear that it was her birthday and that she went to Friendly's well she asked if she has ice cream and Amber told her " we did not because my friend Jacob is Allergic" the lady told her that she was a great friend for doing that for him. She smiled and I know that made her feel good, another lesson that I want Amber to have is to be giving of herself and I think she is on her way their. It was a great way to spend a birthday as a family and with our best friends whom I know that Amber can learn a lot of these lessons from. Happy Birthday to my Honey Bear, My Love, My Princess, My Drama Queen, My Dancer, Miss Dramatic and My Daughter, I love you more each day, you are the light in my life and add soo much to my life each day as I wake you or watch you sleep. Happy 6th Birthday Amber Lee

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