Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rain Rain Go AWAY

Another Rainy Summer Day in Maine, Come on now what else would you expect, it's Maine where the weather changes in an instant, I have given up on listening to the meteorologist talk about a great day to be expected or chance of showers or well you get the picture and you know they are usually WRONG. That's OK we can all be wrong once or twice. Anyway I'm just a little sick of the rain. But you know we would complain if it was too HOT or too COLD or too WET or too much SNOW. We are just never happy. For me it's just how everything feels Damp and wet even though your inside. The fact that I have a boat sitting in my yard but can't go out on the Lake because our luck we would get thunder and lightning storm. Well I guess I might was well sit in the boat in the drive way and watch as the rain runs down my drive way washing it out while it runs onto the road and pretend I'm on the Lake. (maybe I could get up on skis then) Oh the poor dog I ponder each morning to the thought of do I leave him out for the day or do I keep him in the house, I think that he has been in every rainstorm this year. Oh well one less bath I have to give him.My daughter is bored nothing to do, next time she may as well play in the rain. What is it that attracts kids to Rain or Puddles but hate to have to take a bath but would rather play in a muddy hole filled with water, I'm stunned. I'm sure that when I was a kid I did the same thing. Well if we have to have rain then we may as well enjoy that we are here on earth to enjoy what ever weather mother natures tosses our way and next time your in the rain, take the time to dance in it, splash in a puddle or enjoy it because it's just one of those things in life RAIN.

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