Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a Way to end Summer

It was off to the State Park at Sebago once again, I could not think of a better way to send Summer on it's way. Site 222 was were we called home for the long Labor Day weekend and a nice spot it was. As we set up camp and set a fire a blaze I sat back and thought about the good Summer that we had. We did not do too much outside but when you have the raining Summer that we did, doing things inside ain't that bad either, We always found something to do, invite ourselves to our friends house for a last minute BBQ or sit around and chat just as good.

The weekend was full of GOOD food cooked by the one and only Camp Cook Matt and yeah he can make a mean grilled english muffin watch out McDonalds. We soaked up the well deserved sun on the hot sands of the beach and well caused a little trouble but hey you know, if you would had kept your trap shut it would not had been a big deal. Long story but we will blame the grand father. We figured we would run the boat for the last time this Summer well run idle was all that it really did, BAD GAS. Oh well Amber had a great time jumping off it and when the Creedon's arrived for a visit on Saturday Jacob loved jumping off the boat as well, Matt did promice him that we would take one last ride before ice coved the lakes.

It is always nice to settle in to camp with a nice warm fire Paul great work as the firestarter, we will have to give you camp name as Paul the Great Camp Fire Starter. Smores never tasted better, but i never got that red hot dog over the open fire Oh well thier is always next year, or maybe an early fall camping adventure is in the talks.It was a great weekend in the sunshine, laughs, fun and memories. Looking forward to the next season.

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