Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well on our way!

Well my mom and dad said that they would buy the bedding for Lauren's room so off to NH they went last week to get the Willow Deer set I saw this and fell in love with it. Well that night we went over to see it and I just could not do it, it was too dark. The brown was a little overpowrering and that made it hard to look past even if we were to add pink to it. So that weekend we took a rode trip all of us. We had not done that in quite sometime but anyway, we ended up picking out a set by Carters Garden Party it's called with Lilac, Light brown, sage and some pink. I love it has such a girly feel to it and I think with a Lilac room it will look awesome. I'm really happy with it. Now the next thing to do clean out the room and get it ready.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Active Little One

Well, Miss Lauren Elizabeth is an active little one, oh yes her name is out. Not a secret and so far I have heard no complaints and you know what too bad if they don't like it. Well Amber had a special part in her name picking she got to pick out her middle name. I picked out Lauren and Amber had a choice of either Elizabeth or Elaine. Well she did not have to think too hard and she choose Elizabeth. It does flow really nice together but it would had been nice to have her have my middle name but thats ok I wanted Amber to have a part too. So she is much more active then Amber ever was or maybe I notice it more because I have a desk job who knows. I have been trying to get Amber to feel her kick and she has a hard time waiting or Lauren like to tric her cause as soon as she kicks I put Ambers hand on my belly and then she stops when Amber takes her hand off she kicks again. So one of these days we will catch her in the act. Amber loves to talk to my belly to her and I know how excited she is to meet her.