Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An Outdoor Adventure

I often sit and think about Why I love Maine and Why I would not want to call any other place Home. After the weekend of July 4th I now know why. . . . . . . . . . we love the great outdoor of beautiful Maine. I like to call us avid campers, we have a 26 foot camper (an old one) but we still decide to pitch a tent and enjoy the Great Maine Outdoors. We pitched our tent for the long weekend at Beautiful Sebago Lake State Park site 40. I must say a nice spot. We were glad to have the Creedon Family join us for a great weekend of Fun and plenty of sun. If we were not at the beach we were cruising the lake in "BUCK" the boat. The water temperature was perfect and refreshing at the same time. Amber finally got her nerve up to go on the tube and after some tears and yelling to dad"don't go too fast" a smile did appear and she did have a fun time, Jacob also tried out his tubing skills and no tears as he was fearless riding the waves in the tube, giving thumbs up to mom and telling me "we did it" he never stopped smiling. (Thanks Jessica for letting me take him on his First tube ride) Nothing beats camping and the way that food just tastes better outside, Matt was in charge of providing nothing but healthy camp food to all of us and I must say that those smores really did hit the spot, I think their is quite a bit of roasting perfection competition that goes on between Jessica and Matt as they study the fire for the perfect coals to begin to brown and create the perfect marshmallow. I think our next camping adventure their will have to be a contest.

I would not had wanted to spend the 4th of July any other way, with Family and Best Friends.

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Jessica said...

Love the memories!!!! These kind of experiences are what life is all about!!!