Thursday, July 17, 2008

How Fast. . . .

How fast does life go by. . . . I thought of that today as I walked into Amber's room to wake her for Summer Camp and I looked at her streached out in her bed, her long leggs streached out and her arms cuddled under her pillow, I stopped and watched her sleep and thought "You are growing up way to FAST" God how does time pass right by she has gotton taller I swear and you know she seems to be just too big for her britches. The things that come out of her mouth and how much she learns still just by watching the people around, her. I had to laugh this past weekend we helped with the Circle of Giving booth at the Old Home Days in Waterboro and Linda told her that if she could dunk her mom on the dunk tank then she could pick out a fleece blanket (one from the pile that she was selling) well that little girl was bound and determined that she going to dunk her mom, she picked up that ball eyes eager on the target she streached her arm back and in I went, Not once but twice she got me in, Well her eyes were on the prize and out of maybe 50 or so blankets from ballerina's to Hannah Montana, horses, girly colors she picks a blanket with monkies. Funny that is the DWS mascot, she was so happy and she said now mom I have a monkey too and now we can share this. She had more than just a prize in mind she had a plan, the mind of a child is truly amazing. She sleeps with that dam fleece blanket each night since she has gotton it and it could be 90 upstairs but she insists and before I go to bed I have to take it off her. It's just amazing to watch her everyday, just wanted to share.

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