Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My trigger thoughts for today

You know I have spent a good deal of reading quite a few blogs of those near and dear to me and you know, it's amazing how powerful a word can be or in this case a blog, truly amazing. It's just the little things in life that make you smile or set off a spark as you remember a moment in your life that made a huge impact. When I hear someone speak of their brother or I see a cemetery or an accident or even see a young man in uniform I stop and remember my brother Chris, his life was taken away from him at the young age of 19, so much more to live for and so much to prove. But it's seeing those triggers for me that take me back to the days that we swam together in Bonny Eagle Pond, going out to Ice cream at Shaw's Ridge Road (funny I work right around the corner from there now) gathering lightning bugs and you know just having a big brother that you knew would watch out for you, I often sit and read the two letters that he sent me when he was in boot camp. That was a huge part of my teenage years, too soon to experience death and loss, but lessons were learned and remembered. My days of being education and all the children whom came in eager each morning to learn or play and those other children who clung tight to their parents legs begging them not to go and convincing them that today was going to be a fun day, It's amazing to think about all the families that I worked with and you know I saw and old daycare child that I cared for at my first job right out of college and God did I feel old, he is now in High School and WOW was all that I could say, would those children whom I looked forward to seeing each day remember me or what about the families that came to me for advice, would they remember the time and effort that was given to their child on a daily basis. I have now moved on from that stage in my life to caring for others children, Burn out I guess you can say, or wanting to put the effort into my child's life, plus I found out what really makes people (mean people) tick and what they are willing to do to get what they want, I'm glad that I'm no more apart of that.
These are just a couple of thoughts that I had today that triggered me to blog after reading some others. I'm just very grateful for what I have and whom I have in my life my family who make me feel good about myself and what I am today, I cant forget about my friends I may not have many, they are a few and far between but it's a whole lot more cosy that way.
I think that the things that get thrown our way in life are put their to make us better people and the experiences that we had when we were young and the lessons that we face today are just more of us becoming who we really are. . . . . . . .

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