Saturday, August 29, 2009

My daughter is a big 7 year old

Wow where has the time gone, Amber is getting so grown up and as I look back at all her pictures and see that baby face still in her, I don't see it now. She is beginning to get out of her baby face stage and move onto young child. She has grown quite a bit with everything she has a loving personality and I love that she is always full of life. She make me laugh all the time even when she can be sassy. She loves to be foolish and act silly.
This years big party event was going to be a dance party at the dance studio with her friends from school it was sure to be a big hit. The girls loved the dancing and trying out the many diffrent types of dance that thier is. Amber was in heaven for she has quite the passion for dance.
She had a great party and made memories with her friends I'm sure to last a lifetime.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The day has arrived

Well after a week of not sleeping well and trying not to worry the big ultrasound is here, I prayed that God was on our side. Well the morning seemed to drag by and then when 12:00 noon hit I could not get there fast enough, Amber was excited to finally find out what she was going to have, I had pretty much convinced her that she should not be set on a girl because it could also be a boy, so I thought I had done well with that. At about 1:30 we met with the genetic counselor and she was very nice and explained about what they were looking for and then the choices that we would have to make, I felt better but I also did not rest assured quite yet the butterflies in my stomach were going nuts and no it was not the baby. Well after we met with her we had to go back to the wait room to wait for a sonogram room to open about 20 minutes later the moment had arrived, I tried to relax the best I could. Amber watched in amazement as she put the gel on my belly Amber loves that part. Well it was not long before that little on showed on the screen back to us so it would not be an easy task to get the measurements but she did well even if that meant that I had to lay on my side for almost the whole time, well we got to see her perfectly and everything looked great. So far she asked us if we wanted to know the sex so the moment of truth was not far, I was nervous about her position but when she found the bum our little one was spread eagle and then the words it's a GIRL came out of the techs. mouth I could not believe it, I could had sworn it was a boy, well tears rolled down my face as I looked and saw Amber smiling from ear to ear she would have a little sister and I would be blessed with two daughters, Amber wondered why I was crying but the build up of emotions was just letting loose, but I gained my composure and watched as I thought a little girl what a blessing. We then waited for the Dr. to review the pictures and then the genetic counselor came in to give us a thumbs up to tell us that our little girl looked perfect. Thank you lord for answering our prayers.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The results

On Thursday August 13th I got a call from Dr. Sansonetti with the last part of my NT quad screen results and I had a positive test come back for 1:110 chance of Downs Syndrome, he told me not to stress but how do I not do that, he changed my ultrasound to the 20th so that they could do a level 2 ultrasound and meet with the gentic counsler so, I had all I could do was to cry and I knew that I could not stress. But easier said then done, we will pray and keep our fingers crossed and hope for a healthy baby.