Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm the same person I was but now I have come to reality that I'm a Dance Mom!

I decided to change up my blog a bit, It first started several years ago as a random blog about anything and everything. Then a little over a year and a half ago, it was changed to my life as a stay at home mom. Now it's still a little bit of both of those with an added twist of me being a Dance Mom!
Now when Amber started dancing in 2005 I never thought it would become her passion, maybe a hobby but not a full time life. From her first recital as a snowflake to her first competition in "Car Wash" she is now passionate about Dance. Amber has been on the competition team for three years now. Last year was her first solo "He's a Tramp" a tap number, and also her first duo "Anytime you Need a Friend" with her "big dance sister Liz.
From the moment that Amber competed in her first competition I knew she would be hooked, so it was just a matter of time before the life of just a class or two at the centre would change and boy it has.
Last year was Amber's first duo and solo competition as I said earlier. I will never forget it we were at the Dance Educators of America Dance Competition in Springfield Mass. Our first travel and overnight competition. This was the first time that Amber would perform her solo and a duo for a competition. I was so nervous I remember tossing and turning the night before as she lay sound asleep next to me.
The next morning it was time to do it, make-up check, hair check, costume check, oh and the dog check. The moment that the number and name was called I had tears rolling down my face (hey no one ever said that Dance Moms don't cry) At that very moment I knew that my life had changed for the better, I was an official dance mom. Having it be our first travel competition it was full of fun, trip to the mall with country bumpkins take on big city Springfield, to the centre game Scatagories, hmm met my match on being competitive (Mariel) and well learned that you can only let the Director cheat so much before you have to put a stop to it, and knowing that you can learn a lot about some people by just spending a weekend with them. Thank god no one was killed (right Christi) So now continues my life as a Dance Mom. The stories will get better and well you will just have to stay tuned. Oh and if I can add this is one Crazy Dance Family we belong to but man you gotta love them!

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