Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time to get serious!

Well the camping season is over for us for this year. We had some great trips and made some wonderful memories, Amber as much of a girly girl that she is loves to be outside and still do the camping thing. Lauren even though she was camping while still in the womb and first official camping trip was when she was only 4 months old she seems to be a seasoned pro ha ha. Both her and Amber love to gather sticks for the fire and explore everything. Lauren is quite lucky to have such a helpful sister that will show her the ropes.
Now its time to get down to dance well we really never stop. Well lets just say its not as busy. Well classes have started at the centre and Amber is taking 7 classes this year and we are down to just two days a week in Gorham. She is the dancing queen. LOVES it! Lauren loves to watch but also thinks that she can be a part of all the classes at well. But her turn will start on Thursday where she will take part in the Tumbling for Twos class this will be a blast for Lauren, so excited to see how she likes it. So our family time in the great outdoors now switches to family time at the Centre but we are so lucky to be a part of such an awesome Dance Family. We all have a really good time. Plus Lisa (AKA Christi) is there and its always a great time when we can hang out! So more to come on the class this week for Lauren and Amber has a performance this weekend too.
See so lets Get DANCE SERIOUS!

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