Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Showers Bring Spring Flowers Right

Well when I woke up this morning it was grey and yes snowing but the snow quickly changed to RAIN, so the first thing I thought was Great Spring is on the way, I hope anyway. I know that I'm feeling a little big of cabin fever and well Amber told me just today "Mom I'm so sick of this snow, the rain is better see it's making the snow go away." Plus Lauren has not had a chance to walk on the grass, or even on the dirt this Spring is sure to be a real treat for her.
As I walked through the grocery store I stopped and picked up a few green plants to admire and then looked at the tulips and thought maybe my tulips have poked up through the snow that still is about 12 inches in the flower beds. Maybe I need to treat myself to a nice flowering plant to bring Spring into the house or begin a nice through cleaning starting from the rugs to the celling well we will see about that I need some sunny days first.
So untill the sunshines and it reaches close to 50 I guess My sunshine will still continue to be my little ladies that bring the sunshine into my life each day.

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Barb said...


Not sure how to contact you so I am writing here. You won a copy of Memory Mixer on my blog I need you to email me so I can get your address. Thanks. :) Barb