Friday, September 9, 2011

Everyone Dance mom has an inner "Dance Mom"

When I say the "inner dance mom" I'm referring to the new show on
Lifetime "Dance Moms. I'm not afraid to admit that this is my favorite show on TV, my addiction really. I'm not one to sit and watch TV just because its on but when it comes to Wednesday nights at 10:00 you can bet that the kids are sound asleep in bed and that my butt is not moving off the couch for the next hour. Its a show about the Abbey Lee Dance Studio in Pennsylvania. She calls herself the cream of the crop in the dance world of teaching and competition. Well I will give her that she is the cream of the crop of
DRAMA and well she does have some very talented girls. Well the moms are just crazy: They fight and argue with Abby, they fight and argue with each other, things get heated and a bit no wait quite a bit out of hand. Each one of the moms have a certain personality and well have their own issues that makes the show what it CRAZY. First is Melissa she is Maddie and Mackenzie's mom she is hmmm passive but lets the others know with a slight jab once in awhile that her daughter is the best! Christi is Chloe's mom she is very out spoken and not afraid to approach Abbey when she feels that her daughter Chloe is being treated unfairly. Kelly has two daughters that dance Brooke and Paige. She feels that she is always getting the shaft on everything her daughters are always last to get everything and is not afraid to call Abby out either on anything. Cathy is Vivi's mom lets just say she wants to be the dancer she wants to be in control, she makes the rules. Holly is Nia's mom she is professional on the team that wants her daughter to have fun and not feel pressured, Holly is the level headed one on the Dance Moms team.
OK well now let me get to my point here, can I relate to some of these moms hell yeah I'm not ashamed of it at all. I want the best for my daughter, I want her hard work to pay off (Top of the Pyramid) and hell if you cross me I would be afraid to let the inner Kelly in me come out. If those dance moms really think about it YES they too can relate to one of these moms maybe not over the top like they are but at some point they have indeed had the "Inner Dance Mom" come out. Its funny to watch because if I was to categorize myself with anyone of those moms it would be Kelly!  So be at one with your "inner dance mom" its ok!

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