Thursday, September 8, 2011

This is only the beginning. . . .

This is how I spent my day yesterday, cleaning Amber's playroom well it has turned into well her dance room, this is where she dances and keeps most of her dance things, shoes, bags ect. Well going in there and seeing costumes rolled up in the corner, dance bags with some clothes and dance bags with just shoes. It was time for some organization. Was much easier to do it without her here. She tends to be a little pack rat hmm wonder where she gets that from.
So now the closet that once was home to games of Candy Land and Connect four is now a dance closet. This is just a small amount of dance costumes of recent competition dances and recitals the others have been packed away. Lets hope that this organizing system works a little better.
Its hard to believe that my 9 year old already needs another closet for her stuff and this is just Dance Stuff, wow this dance mom thing does not only involve spending time well hours on end at the center but it has now over taken a closet and leads into being home. Maybe we will need to add on to the house! Lets hope that will not be for quite sometime. I would still like to add some more shelves and would love someplace in her room or in her playroom to put up her ribbons and trophies, but I also have to remember that she shares the playroom with her always on the move little sister. This year I want it organized so we can just pack it and go and not hunt around for a missing pair of booty shorts or a hairnet at the last minute. We will see how well this closet works out! 

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