Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a GOLD

Amber had another competition on Saturday the March 27th 2010, she did Awesome as always she lights up that stage as she walks out, the smile on her face never leaves her face until she leaves the stage, she has found something she truly enjoys and is so good at I'm not just saying that either cause I'm her mother. She is eager to do some solo stuff and her dance teacher Ms. Sherri will choreograph a tap number for her yippee that will be awesome to see. I'm so proud of her and all her the hard work, She never walks anywhere she is always Dancing. Good for her. Love you Amber Lee Mom is so proud of you and Dad and Lauren too. It's funny how she enters the stage each time and my eyes begin to tear up, maybe nerves or maybe just so proud of my little girl for growing into such a graceful and beautiful dancer. She maybe only seven but she has what it takes she knows the rhythm and the beat and can create a dance just by listening to the music. As we were in the car the other day we were singing and I said Amber you may not be the singer but you are my dancer maybe Lauren will be the singer" but I would be happy with another dancer too.

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Beth said...

Crystal, what a great picture of Amber! And it's so nice that Amber has found something that makes her so happy!