Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's A New Beginning

Well today March 4th was supose to be my first day back at work, but it's not it's the start of a brand new adventure for me and the family. I think that this was part of the plan to what has been thrown at me in the past few months. So I begin the journey of a Stay at home mom. This will be quite the change for me for I have have worked since I was in high school, even after having Amber in 2002 I returned to work after 9 weeks. What a change this is going to be but a GREAT one. To be here for Lauren all day and to be here for Amber to get her off to school and off the bus, (nothing like having your daughter get off the bus with open arms to you) Then Summer will be here and all the adventures are endless. This is going to be a great journey. . . .

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