Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Its Been.. . . .

Well it has been two weeks since I would had returned to my job at CMP. I have visited the ladies there but as Matt likes to call them my (cronies) It's crazy how I get a pit in my stomach as I approach the drive way that I drove to for the last two years and called my employer, but when I enter the building it goes away maybe because before I can get Lauren and I through the door I welcomed with open arms by my FRIENDS. (that is a wonderful feeling)
As I get up each day to wake my sleeping seven year old and rub her back to wake her sometimes while cradling Lauren in the other arm I feel right at home. I love to spend the time in the morning with my two girls and listen to Amber talk with Lauren as I cook up a fried egg or on those late morning a nice bowl of cereal. Then out the door she goes for another day of learning. Lauren and I have the day to our selves Even though lately it has not felt like ourselves:
After my accident I have still been suffering from pain in my shoulder so my Dr. has referred me to a physical therapist well are you ready for this story I called a place in Waterboro thinking closer to home well after answering questions that the receptionist whom seemed to not have very good personal skills asked me and confirmed my first appointment I asked if it was OK for me to bring my 2 month old infant with me. . . She paused for a moment and then asked (are you ready for this) Is she CONTROL ABLE I reacted with "she is a 2 month old so I would hope so". I got off the phone with a very uneasy feeling and then I called and cancelled and I will be going to Gorham a little further to travel but at least she is welcomed there. So needless to say that begins this week and I will be doing that twice a week for the next 4 to 6 weeks, so much for time for ourselves Lauren at least those two day a week.
Well to top that off we are awaiting the arrival of a new washer and dryer a long wait it has been or feels like, we have been going to my mom and dads and that has been a good chance for my mom to visit with Lauren. See it has not stopped since I have been home.
But since I have been home I love it. . . . . Don;t get me wrong I think about CMP and heck even have been dreaming of it yeah CRAZY but I would not change anything right now. Well some things but not having the chance to be home with my two girls I would not change that.

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