Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can it get any worse!

This year of 2010 came in with what I could not had asked for to be any better and that was the arrival of Lauren. Then at the end of January the news of me getting lay ed off from CMP, I thought ok OK it's all bright sky's from here right, I had my ducks in a row ready to face the thought of being unemployed. Then once again on February 25th an accident oh yes I was rear ended in South Berwick. I was frantic as I jumped from the car not sure if it was still moving at that point I could not get to Lauren quick enough in the back seat, I heard her cry and thought oh thank god. She was startled from a deep sleep I'm sure. I tried to calm down and called for help they checked her out at the scene and she appeared to be just fine THANK YOU LORD. . . I knew that I would be sore in the following days and sure enough I was. The car is in the shop with estimated damages of 7500.00 so far. Ok March is right around the corner and that is sure to be a better month I'm sure of it.

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