Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Competitions begins

Well this past weekend on March 21, 2010 Amber competed in her first dance competition I was so nervous I think more than she was, the atmosphere was electric and crazy all at the same time. We were the first from the center to arrive so talk about being blind going into it. I did Amber's make-up yeah a really exciting time for her, she loves to wear it and well I know if I can;t find mind I know just where to look you got it Amber's room.
Well after finally everyone else arriving I got Amber all situated and Lauren and I returned to our seats with Matt and my parents. There were so many acts at least 30 that I saw before
Amber went on.
The anouncement came and the music began but then stopped my heart sank to the floor, recalling the one recital where Amber never did perform because she was so nervous, so that was my first thought. Well then after a long 5 minutes the music began and out they came. Amber smiling the whole time and looked to have given it her all. I was so proud of her and even Lauren wathed her. I try and remind her that she is there to have fun no matter if you win or lose (Matt thinks differently)
Well it was not long before the announcements came for awards and they received a High Silver in their group. YEAH for them it was great. Amber then found us in the stands and the smile on her face while grasping the Ribbon so tightly in her hands said it all. She could had got just an honorable mention and I don't think it would had mattered. I asked her did you have FUN and she said yes and that was all that mattered.

She has been dancing since she was three and every year since and not a day goes by that I dont see her doing tap, lyric, jazz, hip-hop or ballet moves through the house. It's something that she truley enjoys and we will continue to support that as long as she wants to dance. I'm very proud of you Amber and as we always tell her "Dance like noone is Watching"

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