Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WOW time does fly!

Well March has come and gone and so has April. It was a busy couple of months with competition with dance and gee just seemed like every weekend we had something going on. The Summer is getting here pretty fast as well. It's hard to believe that Lauren just turned four months old. She is getting so big and changing everyday. She loves to have us talk to her and loves to watch her big sister, it's quite funny to watch her study her every move. The other night as I reached for Lauren to feed her I watched her nurse and thought how innocent. She is so beautiful and I love those nights were it's just her and the quietness of the house an occasional snore or two from the husband but other than that. I watch her as she nurses and and I cradle her in my arms as her legs are now falling over my lap. She is growing and learning every minute of everyday it's amazing. No matter how tired I am I love those moments that I have with her especially at night. Then as I settle her down back to sleep after a fully belly it's off to check on Amber just a habit I have. As she lays peacefully in her bed I'm sure having sweet dreams, and usually cuddling a stuffed animal. The other night I told her that I needed to wash her blanket that she lays over her pillow one that is just like Lauren's that she had to have, she was always taking it before Lauren was born to sleep with it so I got her one just like it. She told me "I can't sleep without it mom" So I guess one more night sleeping on a not so clean blanket would be ok. It won;t be long before it's gone and the stuffed animals are tucked away, but till then I will enjoy it every night watching her sleep and nursing Lauren making sure her full belly is ready for another three hours of sleep.

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