Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I was on top of the world.....

It was on Friday morning January 29th that the call came in that took me off the top of my world, I was informed that I was being layed off from CMP. I don't think that I even heard all or heck even half of the conversation for I was in tears hysterical to say the least, I was LAYED OFF. I could not believe it, after the call that changed a lot of things was over Amber asked me what was wrong and I told her that CMP did not need mom anymore and that I had lost my job, I mean whats a seven year old to think she ran to me with open arms and hugged me "it will be OK mom" and that moment I grabbed my 2 week old and held her too and thought you are right it's OK now.
As I spread the news to the husband he was nothing more than supportive and right then and there our relationship changed for the better and forever.
Sometimes things happen in your life and it's a meant to be situtaion and I thought maybe I was meant to be a Stay at home mom of my two beautiful girls and if I had to give up many things then so be it.
When life gives you lemons you make meonade right.........

I went from being so sad and hurt to right pissed off that a company had to do this because people can't pay their dam CMP bills and puit a company into a collections company, I will miss the people that I have come so close with in only a two year time frame. Friends that were just like family when you spend 17 hour days with these people during storm you become one big family, I have shared so much with these people and made some awesome memories and I will not forget anyone of them, I will not be a stranger to them, I'm not gonna let this out of country greed interfer with my friends.
I'm a stronger woman than I ever thought possible..

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