Thursday, April 30, 2009

My blog will take a twist for the GOOD!

On Thursday April 30th something inside me told me to just do it, and that just do it was to take a pregnancy test. We had been trying for awhile and you know with irregular cycles its a guessing game each time. Well I got home from work dug through the draws looking for the dollar tree pregnancy test and their it was I go right down to business and waited and waited I looked and it was negative once again heart broken for another month or was it.... I looked again about 30 seconds later and I saw it a line it was faint but clearly there, I jumped for joy my face beaming and not wanting Amber to hear me downstairs so I got a flashlight and sure enough it was their well, I turned to my best friend of 30 years called her and she instructed me to get to her house and get her two that she had, so I did and brought it with me (the test) she said their was no question about it... Oh my god I was beaming I could not wait for Matt to get home.... Well we have Chinese that night and the chicken I could not pull off to eat smelled funny, well I could not get Amber to be quick enough, we do not want her to know quite yet, Well I found another test in the closet and it was a digital one and I took that one it seemed like forever then YES appeared I put it inside of one of Amber's baby dolls and said to Matt look what your daughter did to her baby doll, as he opened the diaper the test fell out he was shocked, I could not stop jumping up and down, we are pregnant Oh my god. It was amazing.

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