Thursday, July 30, 2009

Amber meets the baby doctor

Well, today was my 16th week appointment and was Amber ever so excited to meet Dr. Sansonetti, well the wait today was long but after reading nearly all of the books in the waiting room it was our turn, she talked with the nurse about the baby and how she wanted a baby sisiter, then the nurse took my blood and of course Amber had questions about that as well. Well the moment of truth arrived and he introduced himself and she was so eager to know about all that he was talking about and all that he was about to do. Well he felt for the uterus and then the heartbeat, she stood behind him as was excited to hear the sound like a horse running, he made sure that she heard it before turning it off, then behind the table was a picture of a mother and the infant that she had just given birth too and then a little girl beside the bed, Dr. Sansonneti said to her that will be you when your new baby arrives it was so cute. We left the office and she so excited to meet him and said "He is such a nice Dr."

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