Saturday, August 29, 2009

My daughter is a big 7 year old

Wow where has the time gone, Amber is getting so grown up and as I look back at all her pictures and see that baby face still in her, I don't see it now. She is beginning to get out of her baby face stage and move onto young child. She has grown quite a bit with everything she has a loving personality and I love that she is always full of life. She make me laugh all the time even when she can be sassy. She loves to be foolish and act silly.
This years big party event was going to be a dance party at the dance studio with her friends from school it was sure to be a big hit. The girls loved the dancing and trying out the many diffrent types of dance that thier is. Amber was in heaven for she has quite the passion for dance.
She had a great party and made memories with her friends I'm sure to last a lifetime.

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