Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today is the day

Well, Amber woke up early and wished me a Happy Mother's Day. I had nerves in my stomach just thinking about what was going to go down today. Amber proudly wore her Big Sister shirt, our first stop was at the in-laws I did not expect a huge congratulations they are just not like that, well Amber showed off her shirt and they were surprised and did congratulate us, then the brother and sister in law came and it took Amber a little while to get the courage to show off her shirt and yet we did get a congratulations. Well then we traveled to my parents I knew this was gonna be good, they had no idea that we had even been trying. Well Amber was so eager to show off her shirt. My mom and dad were both in the kitchen and she said are you ready she was so excited that she struggled to get her coat unzipped but she managed and then My mother read it and her mouth dropped open and she said NO!!! She gave Amber a hug then ran to me and hugged me and then to Matt oh my god she cried and cried and cried and then went over to my dad and said that they were gonna have another one. She was shaking and so worked up about it, it was AWESOME. It was a great surprise that made the Perfect Mother's Day. We then went over to my Grammies were the aunts and uncles were and Amber showed the shirt off over their as well. Everyone was surprised it was Awesome. The shirt was a huge hit.

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