Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It begins. . . . Dance Competition

I love this time of year at the Centre of Movement where Amber had been dancing for the last 6 years, and been on the competition team for the last two. This year is extra special for she is doing her very first solo a tap number call "He's a Tramp" and a duo with her "Big Sister Liz" to the song "Anytime you need a friend"
So this past weekend we headed to Springfield, MA for the first competition of the season. Dance Educators of America were the ones that put this competition on. I was so nervous, because it would be Amber's first solo and duo, and the fact that this would be the first time being away from Lauren even though I knew she was in good hands.
The trip down we crammed three teenagers, an 8 year old and three adults into the Yukon and made a memorable trip to say the least. It was fun to keep the girls laughing I remember what it was like to be 12 and 15 and 16. We well I tried to get the truckers to honk and well I was successfull with two honks all the other truckers were too busy talking on the cell phone and texting and oh yeah reading, how the world has changed so much.
We made some fun memories that night was we explored the city of Springfield and the city bus system, what an experience, for being the only white people on the bus and at the mall they were all very nice and helpful and I think they were talking about us most of the time. Well at least we made them laugh.
The morning would come all too early but I was so excited to see the team perform. Hair, make-up and costume and we are ready to go.Amber's first dance was her solo oh yes.
My nerves were far from calm and as she walked out onto the stage I cried and never stopped until her performance was over she did awesome, we were so proud of her. Oh yeah Matt cried too and so did the stranger in back of me. She was so happy with how she did and I was glad to hear her teacher give her kudos on how hard she worked and that she did great.
After a quick change Amber would be ready for her next number which is her duo with her "Big Sis Liz" They looked great on stage even though the music stopped before their number was finished and Liz being the experienced dancer that she is continued and so Amber followed suite.
Then it was not long and the first round of awards were given out. Amber received a Platinum for her Solo and a special "Broadway Bound" award and for her duo with Liz they received a Gold and a special award.

Amber also performed with her group to the song "Dancing in the Streets" they earned a Gold for that performance. It was a very successful weekend for the whole Centre of Movement Competition Team. Our next competition is only two weeks away and so more practice and perfecting of the the numbers are in order, I hope that next time I wont be as nervous but I can't promice there will not be tears.

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