Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crazy how time flies

Wow I was just looking back upon this blog of mine that I started and stopped so many times. WOW how life has changed for me, I have lost important people in my life. I suffer through grief and some days just trying to get the get up and go. I'm working on it, yes maybe a year has passed but there is no time frame you can put on grief and I'm learning that.
I need to do this more I need to Let It All Out. Yeah that's what this blog had come to be cause I needed to let it all out. There is something about putting your feelings out there something about just spilling it all, no one to judge you well just your blog readers.
A new year is upon us 2015 Holy Crap where did 2014 go. . . Man 2014 was a year of HEARTACHE huge loss of my dad which made my heart break, I completed my first ever half marathon, not in any record time but wait it was my race so my pace, I watched my daughter perform and earn scholarships, I watched my little Lauren grow up right before my very eyes with her learning and and her personality. A trip to Hawaii oh the Island where I left a piece of my heart I cant wait to go back and pick it up. Travled to Las Vegas and took a road trip to Los Angeles. My daughter got o experience Hollywood. We had firsts together as a family, my nieces 1st birthday, My 35th birthday party, and lots of firsts with out my dad. We grew together as a family and I guess you can say we grew apart too.
Well its a new year, so that means new adventures and new 1st and new experiences, So here's to a new year. . . And hopefully I can remember to let it all out more than just once a year.

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