Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas and a New Year

Christmas seemed to had flown by as fast as it came. Christmas morning was magic as it always is as we make the girls come down the stairs together while Matt and I sit and watch them, its pretty awesome. This year the look of surprise was no different and the magic twinkled in their eyes. We got right down to business opening gift after gift one at a time pausing in between to look over what they received, and they were both ever so grateful for everything they got.
I twas not long before the adventure continued to my parents house and the look on their faces were just as magical that they saw that Santa had in fact stopped there too. Amber on the other hand came down sick with a fever and slept most of Christmas afternoon away. That night we took her to the ER she had broken out in hives and was just so not herself she had influenza yep the flu so it was going to be rest and lots of it with the fluids as well. So needless to say her Christmas and Vacation was pretty much spent on the couch and Lauren and I soon followed suit sick and on the couch. The sickness seems to be behind us Thank god and we welcomed the New year the only way we have known how for the past three years with our dance family,the team put on a show and then the girls had the annual sleepover while Lauren and I still battled the cold we came home.
Well the new year started off not how I ever would had wanted it too with the passing of my dear Grandmother, she was 92 years old and while I know that she lived a good long life I was not ready to let her go. I'm so very blessed that I was able to call her my gram. I knew it was not going to be easy on anyone in the family for this is really the first death we have had to deal with since the loss of my brother almost 24 years ago. I knew there would be plenty of tears and plenty of memories as well. I knew in my heart that I needed to do something and I did I wrote a tribute to my grandmother that I read at her Wake/funeral on January 5, 2013 I knew it was not going to be easy and I knew I would have to fight back tears and pause to get through it and I knew I would. Sure enough I delivered her tribute like a proud granddaughter should and I know she was smiling down on me as I recalled all her memories well most of them I knew I could had gone on forever but I would still be there reciting the words that I wrote about her. She has a copy with her. I also placed a grandmother neck less on her and I wear the other part of it that says granddaughter so we are forever connected. I will miss her forever but I know that she is by me watching over me and the family and all those she loved.

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