Monday, March 19, 2012

Competition Recap

Well Dance Competition has been month after month since January, so a little re-cap from Headliners in New Hampshire, having the centre not competed here in a very long time we were unsure what we were all up against, well it was a very hard competition, but Amber and the team still made us all proud, Amber was choosen by the judges as a nomination for the USA dance team with an opportunity to perform in Germany, a very high recgonition. I think after leaving that competition the team knew that they all needed to step it up a bit and in March they did just that.
Turn it Up Dance was our March competition and this has always been a favorite of mine (having been to Nationals last year) I saw how well respected they all were as a staff and as a competition. Amber was running for Miss, Junior Turn it Up, so she had to introduce herself and answer a question which maybe she had a hard question or maybe I'm being a very biased mom. Anyway she answered it very well. What was the question it was "Besides dance what do you like to do. Hmmm Amber's world is dance is always at class, she is always dancing home, stores, school ect so her answer "I like to read and do math and well you know stuff like that. For a 9 year old I would say that she answered that question pretty well. Amber's title number was "Broadway Baby" well I saw her confidence the moment she walked out on that stage and she nailed her number. I was so proud of her. It was an indeed a pleasure to watch the Centre girls and guys this weekend that made all of us Dance Moms and Dance Dads very proud. Amber received the "Future Barbara Streisand" award, "Broadway Bound" award along with a scholarship from Broadway Connection to attend the New England Summer Dance Camp.  Amber won Platinum's on both her solos and took 1st place with Broadway Baby. She was runner up with Miss Junior Title and it was amazing and totally took me off guard as they announced the Overall High Score winner of the weekend was #60 "Broadway Baby" that was my girl my own "Broadway Baby" it was so awesome. I think it took some time for it to sink in really did not until that night at home when we explained it to her. I'm so very proud of her accomplishments at just 9 years old she is an amazing little lady and I'm a very proud mom.
So our competitons this year have been very sucessfull this year

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